Feels Better Than He Has In Years

I was having problems with my legs and was pretty sore all over.  My brother was seeing Dr. Wetherbee and recommended I see him.  Since starting care, I have seen huge improvements supplemented by the identification of a side effect from a drug I was using.

Everything on me now feels fine and I am seeing daily improvements with my legs.  I have recommended Dr. Wetherbee to my friends.  I feel better than I have in years.

~Bob, 64


Sciatica Has Subsided

What brought me into the office was frequent upper & lower back pain.  I had daily sciatic pain due to long periods of drive time for work.  I heard about Dr. Wetherbee through my co-worker.  Since beginning care, my lower back pain is less often, my sciatica has subsided, and my range of motion has improved.  What impresses me most is Dr. Wetherbee's knowledge & understanding of the specific cause of my pain, treatment, and information on how to minimize my pain and alleviate the sciatica. 
~L. Sersen, 30 


Dr. Wetherbee Sincerely Wants People To Get Well

What brought me into the office was decreased flexibility, minor headaches, and I was only able to read for a limited time.  I was apprehensive about the traditional crack'em method of chiropractic care.  Since resuming care I have more flexibility, better and easier sleep, and fewer aches.  What impresses me most about the office is the efficiency, friendliness, and they explain everything.  Dr. Wetherbee is helpful.  Try him.  I liked that he sincerely wants people to get well.


Friendly Service! 

What brought me into the office was soreness and overall not feeling well.  I was referred to this doctor by a fellow worker.  By coming in regularly to maintain my spine, I've noticed I'm not as out of alignment and many times it's only minor.  What impresses me most about this office is the machine showing before and after adjustments and the friendly service.
~Renee, 54


Low Back Pain Better Without Surgery!

What brought me into the office was chronic and unresolved lumbar pain.  Since beginning care my daily activities are easier to accomplish.  Walking and my posture have improved.  After injections by a pain specialist for 2 years, I was told surgery was my last option.  I decided to try chiropractic treatments, and am pleased with the results over the last few weeks.  I have improved more than with other treatments.  I highly recommend Dr. Wetherbee.
~April, 33


Improved My Health & My Life

After an automobile accident in my mid-twenty's, I was left with constant neck pain and decreased mobility.  My physician offered me two choices -- either graduate to the next level of prescription pain killers which would leave me in a perpetual fog or have my cervical spine fused. 

Not wanting to go either of those routes, I was referred to Dr. Wetherbee.  Presently, it is three years later.  I am pain free, have no range of motion restrictions, and see the good doctor every month or so for maintenance.  Dr. Wetherbee's care and treatment has literally improved my health and my life.  I have enthusiastically referred my family and friends to seek his care and you should do the same. I highly recommend Dr. Wetherbee.
~Kraig, 33


The Power of Chiropractic Care

A friend recommended this specific chiropractor based on the symptoms I told her I was having.  I had chronic throat pain for +4 years.  I had been to every conceivable doctor for treatment and no one could find any reason for it.  It hurt whenever I talked, swallowed or sang.  The doctor found my spine out of alignment, corrected it and my throat pain has diminished 95%!  I would highly recommend Dr. Wetherbee.  I'm amazed no doctor ever suggested I try this since none of their "medicine" would help.  It has really opened my eyes to the power of chiropractic care for people.
~Carolyn, 27


Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Short Leg

I started care in this office because I was having pain on the side of my neck, down into my shoulder.  Back pain due to one leg 1/2" shorter than the other.  With my legs now the same length, I feel I walk taller and straighter.  I can go barefoot without getting a backache and even sandals for the first time in my adult life. 

Dr. Wetherbee is very understanding.  He will listen to you and is concerned about your pain.  I have seen several chiropractic doctors over a 15 year period.  NONE of them helped me with my lower back pain or told me my legs could be adjusted to be even in length.  Also I was seeing those doctors twice a week with little or no results and felt ill after an adjustment.  With Dr. Wetherbee I get much appreciated results.  I highly recommend Dr. Wetherbee.
~Trudy, 48


Pain Free Neck & Headache!

Dr. Wetherbee, thank you for freedom from neck pain and headaches.  I suffered for 1 year with my neck and recently for 2 months with my headaches.  Good luck in Brighton.


Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and Arm Pain

Pain in my neck, right shoulder, and arm are what brought me to this office.  I am now almost pain free.  Most days I have no pain.  When I do have pain, it's because something I have been doing wrong or not doing.  I highly recommend Dr. Wetherbee over traditional chiropractic treatments.  It is totally painles, leaving you to move more freely without pain.  I highly recommend Dr. Wetherbee.
~Judy Cate, 53


Neck & Back Pain -- In Just A Few Weeks I Felt Relief!

Constant neck and back pain is what brought me into the office.  The neck pain is only very slight now and back pain is gone.  In just a few weeks I felt relief.  I am amazed at how quick the results have been.  I have been extremely active while undergoing treatment (painting, gardening) and continue to feel great. I highly recommend Dr. Wetherbee.
~Laurie Haas, 47


Sciatica, Neck & Back Pain

I was having nerve pain in my leg and neck/back pain.  The results I received since my first treatment was a lot of progress that was done to correct my problem.  Your service is excellent and I would recommend you to anyone in need of correction in the back or any other problems they might have.  I highly recommend Dr. Wetherbee.
~Teresa Donohue, 47


Thank You!

Dr. Wetherbee, thank you for the office visit.  I was so miserable that day and I appreciate your skillful help.  The art of healing is a wonderful thing and to give it freely sometimes, shows you care about people.  Kind regards.
~Jeanette, 59


Many Symptoms Are Gone!

Dr. Wetherbee, thank you for both your generosity and your skill.  I am feeling better -- many symptoms are gone or only a fraction of their former discomfort.
~Gail, 48


I Just Wanted To Thank You!

Dr. Wetherbee and Heidi.  Gosh, what a surprise to receive a gift certificate from you.  That was so generous as I know you are up to your peaches starting up a new practice.  I had just wanted to thank you in some small way for all your efforts in keeping my little painted head from spinning off during the past year.  There's more work to be done no doubt.  Wishing both of you a very joyous and prosperous new year -- warmest regards.
~Sheila, 56


Thanks For Helping Me Feel Wonderful!

Dr. Wetherbee and Heidi.  I hope you both have safe,  happy and healthy holidays. Thanks for helping me feel wonderful this past year.
~Jennifer, 32



Thanks so much for taking good care of us.
~The Mylers